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We are on a mission to equip aspiring freelancers with the tools and competitive edge it takes to become professional and profitable. You won’t just leave UFBA knowing what to do, you’ll graduate having already done it. 

Who's the lead instructor? 

Albert Azis-Clauson started his career building a successful freelance business consultancy while running a media and arts company supporting emerging artists. He switched his attention to the freelance economy because he saw the opportunity to help freelancers at a grand scale. 

Since founding UnderPinned, Albert has successfully raised over £5 million, written articles for internationally renowned publications on freelancing, and judged the Great British Entrepreneur Awards. 

Now, Albert wants to help you build and establish your business into something more than a successful freelance career. He wants to help you make it something amazing and uniquely you.

How is this going to work?

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The UnderPinned Freelance Business Accelerator

Learn to price your work, position yourself as an authority , and pitch your value to customers 

Who are we?

UnderPinned is a global startup that helps professionals turn their passion into business 

Find Work

Use our Find Clients and Portfolio systems to easily pursue freelance work and build bespoke portfolios

Manage Work

All the tools you need, from contact management, tasks and calendars to organise your client work

Get Paid

Contracts and easy to make commission-free invoices to make sure you get paid on time