Underpinned Goes Free for Freelancers During Coronavirus

There is some incredible support out there for tiny businesses and freelancers in the form of offers and deals. And Underpinned is another to add to the list.

What’s the deal?

Completely free use of Underpinned throughout the the Covid-19 crisis for freelancers.

Check it out here.

What is Underpinned?

There are a lot of tools for freelancers out there and some do more than others. Underpinned is something of an all-in-one, offering:

  • A portfolio builder, ideal for those offering creative services
  • A proposal builder
  • There is some task management functionality too
  • Invoice and contracting functionality
  • Note taking
  • “Contact portal” which gives you somewhere to store information about your contacts, clients and prospects

So there’s a whole lot of functionality there.

What’s the catch?

Ok, ok, so there’s no such thing as a free lunch is what you’re thinking, right? Me too… But this looks like a genuine offer. I couldn’t find any information about how long the offer will stand for. Presumably the biggest risk for you is that you’ll like it so much you end up paying for it when the offer expires. But as this should save you tonnes of time, it might just end up being worth it, eh?

Worth a shot?

If you don’t have a system like this in place already, give it a whirl. Look at it as an extended free trial to find out whether you like it without spending a penny.