UnderPinned has hit its funding target of over £500k within an hour of going live on crowdfunding platform Crowdcube. Having quadrupled their community and launched accelerator programme with day one profitability since their last round, they’re raising to amplify marketing and further enter US & European markets.

UnderPinned is building the next generation of freelancers with a community-focused EdTech and SaaS platform providing the tools and knowledge that early-stage freelancers need to thrive. The previous funding round help to build an 8-week accelerator programme that introduces early stage freelancers to the UnderPinned software and all the knowledge they need to become a successful freelance business. After 8 weeks, community members are converted to a monthly subscription and keep using the business building software.

CEO Albert Azis-Clauson adds: “Before COVID-19 there was already an undeniable trend towards flexible work, but COVID-19 took that trend and turned it into a revolution with more people than ever looking to freelancing and more businesses than ever looking to hire freelancers. I’m overjoyed that this funding means that we are able to build a brighter, happier and more confident future for freelancers.”

UnderPinned is the go-to community and learning platform for early-stage freelancers. Since launching in 2018, UnderPinned has been growing its community in the UK, focusing on using content, education, and events to engage the disparate early-stage freelance economy and create a new central hub for freelancing. With a community of over 20,000, UnderPinned is starting to roll out across Europe and the US. 

Started by two serial freelancers turn entrepreneurs who were constantly surrounded by incredibly talented and skilled friends who just didn’t know how to start a freelance business. No one around them had ever left education or full time employment feeling confident about building a freelance business. UnderPinned was their answer to that. While the rest of the market seemed focused on established freelancers or gig workers, UnderPinned was founded to help build the next generation of freelancers, helping early stage skilled freelancers launch their businesses and thrive.