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“I have never felt so better and free:” Why I stopped using an email tracker when pitching

January 18, 2022

You may have been tempted by the idea of using an email tracker to see who is and isn't reading your email. But this can actually be a pretty stressful way of living your best freelance life, Qais Hussain argues.

Being a freelancer makes you the ‘main character’ of your life and career – here’s what this really means, the good and the bad

January 18, 2022

When it comes to being a freelancer now, everyone is ready to be the protagonist of their own career.

“You should never be bored because there is always something to learn.” Jen Ruiz takes her love of blogging full time

January 18, 2022

If you are thinking about quitting your 9-5 and finding success as a writer, Jen Ruiz has done just that and done it in style. Hear from her about taking her life as a lawyer and turning it upside down.

How to survive freelancer interviews and chats

January 18, 2022

You may have gone into freelancing to avoid ever having to do interviews. Well, sadly, in same cases you may have to. So here's a guide to interviewing as a freelancer.

Why freelancers need to create an environment of transparency, and not just around pay

January 18, 2022

"I once shared information with a freelancer group about a company who routinely paid my invoices late," she recalls. "They found out and ghosted me out of the blue, which put a big dent in my earnings that year. But I'm glad I did it, because other freelancers wouldn't have...

Why becoming a freelancer straight out of university is a great choice for graduates

January 18, 2022

Going out on your own post-uni is scary. But building a business right away? Madness! And yet... Let us walk you through the best steps to building your freelance business post-uni.

How to detach your self-worth from your work

January 18, 2022

When you wear every hat needed for your business to succeed, it's difficult to let your head get a rest. This is only made worse if you are defined by your KPI's. So how do you keep your work and your self-worth separate?

Everything freelancers need to know about publishing their first book

January 18, 2022

Are you thinking about writing and publishing your premier book? Whether it's your lit-fic magnum opus or a small collection of essays about your favourite celebrity beefs, we've got the info you need

Setting boundaries when work becomes personal

January 18, 2022

"Do what you love", they say, "and you'll never work a day in your life". Yeah, right.