Profile Guides

How to: fill out your Profile, and construct Portfolios and Services


Your Profile is home to everything you need to share about you and your work. It’s the place to put anything you want prospective clients or peers to see.

On your first visit to the Profile page you should take some time to fill out as much information as possible.

To edit your Profile, select Edit Profile from the top-left. Then simply click on the field you wish to edit, and enter the relevant information.


You can add any relevant previous clients/experience here. Select “Add Experience” and fill out the sections in the pop-out window to add a new experience card to your profile.

To edit a piece of experience, click on it and edit the information in the pop-out window.


Create successful pitches using our portfolio template!

By selecting “Create a Portfolio”, you will first select a cover image and title for your new portfolio, then you will be greeted by our template pitch. Follow the prompts on the template to create a perfect pitch for a prospective client.

To edit an element (text/image), double click on it. For text, simply make your edits and click anywhere else on the page to save. Highlight some text and apply formatting by using the toolbar which appears above the text box.

For images, double-click to open a pop-up window, use this dialog to select the image(s) from your files you wish to add to the selection within the dialog; finally, select the desired image from the selection to add it in place to the portfolio.