Badges Guides

How to: earn Badges and level-up within the Virtual Office.


Within the Virtual Office, you can now chart your journey through your freelance career by earning Badges. Badges are cosmetic items earned through completing various tasks within the Virtual Office.

To earn a Badge you will need to achieve certain requirements, these requirements vary depending on the Badge and are detailed both on your Dashboard and within the “View All Badges” page.

By performing certain actions within the Virtual Office, you will earn Badges. Badges are your visual indicators of your growth and progress as a freelancer – the more you earn and unlock, the further you progress into your career.

From simply logging in and creating portfolios to sending invoices and getting paid, most actions reward you with unique Badges. 

Some Badges are one-and-done deals, and can only be earned once; but others can be earned multiple times! Badges and Levels work in tandem to help give you tangible goals and encourage you to explore each aspect of building your freelance business. They can be earned in virtually any order, so build them around your short and long term personal goals, and start progressing!