Invoices and Contracts Guides

How to: create, manage, and organise all your Invoices and Contracts.


The Invoice feature is where you can find a list of all the Invoices you’ve created; create new ones to send to your Clients; update their status and more

To create a new Invoice, select “Create New”. This will open a pop-up where you can input all the details of your Invoice.

When creating an Invoice you can include details of the recipient, the sender (you), the Project Details, tax/discounts, company logos and any notes you wish to add.

When adding Project Details to your Invoice you can input data manually with your Project name, Rate, Rate Type,Quantity and a cost Total.

Additionally, when creating an Invoice you can opt in to a “Small Business Commissioner Reminder”. Toggling this on means that once your Invoice has been sent to a Client, and has not been marked as “Paid” when the Due Date passes, UnderPinned will automatically forward your Invoice to the UK Small Business Commissioner, who will pick up your case and ensure you get paid.

Once you’ve been paid, you can update an Invoice’s status by simply clicking the “Unpaid” status on the Invoice and changing its status to Paid.

Each Invoice can also be edited after it’s created, but only if it hasn’t been sent. Once an Invoice has been sent to a Client it can no longer be edited. 

Each Invoice can also be downloaded as a PDF, deleted or resent.


Within Contracts, you’ll likewise find a list of all the Contracts you’ve created. Here you can also create new Contracts, edit unsent, download, delete or send Contracts.

To create a new Contract, select “Create New”. This opens a pop-where you can input and set the details of your Contract.

Details include: Contract name, description, Client details, Start and End dates, Project Details, Billing Details and IP (Intellectual Property) Rights. 

When adding Project Details, you can either manually input data when creating the Contract, or use preset data from an existing Service (from your Profile). Project Details consist of Project name, Rate, Rate Type, Quantity and Cost Total.

Contracts also allow you to stipulate how you will distribute the IP rights to the work you will create. The options are:

    • Retain all rights, grant licence
  • Sees you retain copyright in your work, and the right to be identified as the author; but a licence is granted to the client on the terms selected.
    • Assign copyright, retain moral rights
  • Suitable where the client needs to own the work, but you should be credited.
    • Assign copyright, waive moral rights
  • Suitable for the type of work where you have no need to be identified by the client in using your work, and the client needs to own it (you retain a portfolio usage right only).
    • No IP cover
  • IP cover is not required for this type of work.

Once a Contract is created, it can be sent directly to Clients for them to sign and return; or used to generate an Invoice directly. Contracts will also display their current status as either Signed or Unsigned.

Like Invoices, Contracts can be edited anytime until they are sent and signed. Each Contract can also be downloaded as a PDF, deleted or resent as needed.