Find Clients Guides

How to: search the Ledger to find Clients, or add your own

Find Clients

The Find Clients tool is your main hub for searching for new Clients, tracking your current negotiations, and building a log of useful contacts. Either search our Ledger or manually add your own.


The Ledger is UnderPinned’s database of Clients; simply select “Generate New Leads” to see a selection of businesses.

Once you find an entry that interests you, select the “Save” icon to add them into your Client Contacts, and the Tracker (see below).


The Tracker is a tool which allows you to add your saved Client Contacts into columns based on the current status of your negotiations as you pitch work with them.

Each time you save a contact from the Ledger (or add your own manually), it will be added into the “Saved” column. Each saved contact will have its own “card”, displaying the name of the contact. 

You can drag-and-drop a contact from one column to the next to update its status. So for example, once you have emailed a pitch to a client, you can drag the contact card in the Tracker to the “Contacted” column. You can use these across all your contacts to keep track of all your pitches.

Clicking on the card allows you to edit the details of the respective contact. This opens a pop-up displaying all the details currently entered about the contact. This includes a name, email, industry, location/address, and an image or logo. In addition, you can also optionally add an estimated value of the pitch, and a colour tag to the card.

Editing a contact card also updates the information for the corresponding client in the Client Contacts page.

Client Contacts

This page displays a list of all the contacts you have saved either from the Ledger, the Tracker, or added manually via the “Add New” button.