Academy Guides

How to: watch the video content and progress through the Modules of the UFBA.


The Academy is where you’ll find all of our educational and community focussed content. Book your place on the UnderPinned Freelance Business Accelerator (UFBA) programme or re-watch previous content here.

UFBA Programme

If you haven’t already, here you can book your place onto the next cohort of the UFBA programme and boost your freelance career. Our CEO and programme leader Albert will guide you through a structured set of modules, each tackling a different aspect of freelancing; from finding clients and pitching to invoicing and increasing your income.

Once you’ve booked your place, you will be presented with a countdown until the next group (or “cohort”) begins. If your cohort has already started, you’ll be sent right through to the programme itself, so you can get started.

If you’re starting your course for the first time, you’ll want to select Module 1. Picking up from where you left off? Select your current Module and keep going! Modules only unlock once the previous Module has been completed.

Within each Module is some pre-recorded video content; this will be the main programme content, and give you a detailed breakdown of that module’s topic. Watch or rewatch the video at your own pace and as many times as you wish.

Underneath the video content, you will see four tabs: 

  • Overview
  • Worksheet
  • Quiz
  • Resources

The Overview tab details the topic of the current module, with the key points being discussed in the video.

The Worksheet offers open-ended questions and opportunities to consider how the module content applies to your own freelance business. Answer the questions however you wish, these are your spaces to consider where you are and where you’d like to be in your career. There are no wrong answers! Once you’ve answered each question in the Worksheet, that Module’s Quiz will unlock.

The Quiz will test your knowledge of the content you just watched. Pay close attention and use what you learned to answer the questions correctly. Completing the Quiz unlocks the next module. If you happen to answer any questions incorrectly, don’t panic! You can retake the quiz as many times as you wish.

Finally, the Resources tab contains links to any additional resources associated with the current module.

There are also additional Resources located on the main page of the Academy; these don’t relate to any module specifically but are more general Resources we have collected.

If you haven’t purchased the course and would like to get a taste of the kinds of learnings you will gain, please try our free Taster Course, also located in the Academy!