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Upcoming events

How to Avoid Freelancer Burnout
December 7, 2021
6-7 PM (BST)

In this online talk, Will Allen-Mersh -- Partner at Spill -- will draw on both psychology research findings and Spill's own experience to unpick what's behind burnout and why so many of us experience it today. We'll cover how to spot it in both yourself and others, what the underlying causes are, how to recover from it, and then how to prevent it happening again. We'll be busting some of the big myths around burnout -- spoiler alert: it's not caused mainly by workload! -- and shedding new light on this phenomenon by better understanding why humans experience negative emotions at all. Finally, we'll look at boundaries and how we can better set and respect them as freelancers in order to work in a way that works for our own mental wellbeing.

Transform Your Brand Nightmare Into Your Dream Brand
December 14, 2021
6-7 PM (BST)

You've been so focused on building your business that somewhere along the way, your branding became lost. In this interactive and engaging session, Tiffany will teach you how to overcome the challenge every entrepreneur encounters when their brand no longer represents them or their business, the brand nightmare.

Finding your community as a freelancer
January 4, 2022
6-7 PM (BST)

Matthew Knight, founder of award winning support community Leapers shares his thoughts on why building your own support community is essential and valuable when working for yourself. He'll cover why they're important, how to start to find tribes to become part of, what your support network should be made up of, the power of buddying up and the importance of giving back. This short talk will be packed full of practical suggestions backed up by years of research and insight from the Leapers community itself.

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Holly Foster


This week has really been so helpful for me to get my finances planned and get a bottom line and contingency plan created :D

Kai-Sun Wong


All of my lifelong fears that have held me back were all flipped on their head and I'm absolutely loving working on my own terms because the of UP!

Suzanna Easton


Thank you so much! This has been one of the most eye-opening Q&A’s for me and I really enjoyed it, amazing!!

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