Everything you need to know about Royalties-based payment structures

How payment structures for journalism works now How some publications are doing it differently A 60/40 split for contributors and it’s value for community building What do the journalists want? The future of structured payments for freelancers An informal survey of creative freelance friends and colleagues found that agreeing rates and getting paid by clients […]

Everything you need to know to prepare for payments on account

Sometimes, freelancing can feel like you’re living your best life. Want to work in your favourite cafe this morning? You can do that. Need a lie in after a late night? You do you. All this to say, you’re in control. But all of a sudden it’s the new year and you’re also expected to […]

How should journalists build their social media brand?

For better or worse, I can almost guarantee that every young journalist will have come across the phrase “JournoTwitter” at least half a dozen times as they work to break the glass ceiling in their industry. This kind of Twitter community, like many, functions as a virtual clique, where established ‘It’ girls, and an insular […]