How to make your business more cost effective in 2022

Review your subscriptions Evaluate your phone and internet providers Don’t expense for the sake of it Think about where you’re working from Sell off excess equipment The UK has been experiencing a cost of living crisis since the end of 2021, with high inflation outstripping wage and benefit increases on top of recent tax increases […]

A Field Guide to Bad Clients (and how to deal with them)

What we suggest 1. Get a contract that secures weekly hours2. State your terms at the bottom of every invoice and outline your late fees3. Don’t reply to emails outside of work hours. Schedule your reply to be sent first thing the following working day.4. Make it clear that there’s a limit to the rounds of revisions included […]

The balancing act of your work life with your creative life

How and why you may be alienating your clients and your business in the demand to appear more “corporate” Most people I speak to nowadays are hustling through two to three different forms of work. In fact, a recent study showed that 1 in 4 Brits take on a side hustle apart from their full […]

Why joining a coworking space can make a huge difference to your work day

In June 2016, three months after I went freelance full-time as a journalist and content marketer, I made the best decision I could’ve made at the time: I joined a coworking space. When I became a full-time freelance that year, I knew I had to choose: stay at home all day and night, or join […]

Detaching self-worth from work

This second instalment of the self-worth and work topic will focus on the people who are actively working on detaching their self-worth from their work. I have struggled with this task ever since I dipped my toes into freelance journalism in 2020. I am slowly unlearning this practice, and have been doing so successfully, much […]

How to network as a freelancer in 2022

A common misconception about freelancing is that it’s only something you can do after you’ve established yourself within your industry. This is because freelancing is something many people do later on in their careers, having already worked in staff jobs and various offices. But since coronavirus has revolutionised the way we work and remote, digital […]