Everything you need to know to prepare for payments on account

Sometimes, freelancing can feel like you’re living your best life. Want to work in your favourite cafe this morning? You can do that. Need a lie in after a late night? You do you. All this to say, you’re in control. But all of a sudden it’s the new year and you’re also expected to […]

Writers beware: Avoid the content mill

Like many other freelance writers, I stumbled into the industry somewhat by accident. Before COVID-19, I had been living a cushy life abroad, basking in the satisfaction of not having to update my LinkedIn. But with the start of the pandemic, I fled back home and found myself confronted with the reality of needing to […]

Letting go of prestige as a freelance journalist

Sometimes, stepping away from a dream the closest thing to happiness you can get. And there’s no shame in it either as long as it makes you feel fufilled. After all, that’s what freelancing is all about; having control and independence.


Jody Mulvey of SADGRADS writes on how recent art graduates can surpass the problems posed by moving into the world of work during this difficult year