Our Work

1. Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Democratizing access to opportunity by

  • Collecting and presenting data about diversity and inclusion in fractional teams
  • Creating adoptable frameworks for DEI in the freelancer space
  • Educating all parties to a more diverse and equitable future of work

2. Sustainability

  • Decoupling benefits (healthcare, pension, etc.) from employers and sparking solutions for independents
  • Establishing trusted supplier partners and best practices

3. Employment Status & Tax

  • Reduce the barrier of entry to be self-employed by clarifying and simplifying the process
  • Reduce friction for companies to hire and onboard independents
  • Enabling governments the ability to properly tax and account for various income streams and types

4. Education

  • A framework of education for workers, hiring companies, and governments to work more effectively together

5. Language and taxonomy

  • A tiered framework of standardized language to promote shared use of language globally

6. Standards & Contracts

  • VA system of templates and best practices that are globally applicable with localized options for legal engagement differences
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