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The Association
for the Future of Work

Building a fair, productive, and prosperous future of work.

Why we exist

The way the world works is fundamentally broken. There is a global talent shortage yet companies and governments still prioritize onsite employees over hiring remote and contract workers, while individuals enter the workforce unequipped to operate as a successful independent.

Our Partners

What do we do?

The AFW is bringing together leading minds, companies and organisations with an interest in the future of work, in order to drive thinking, produce resources and support, and push for the change needed.

We aim to reduce the barriers to future working, improve support structures, widen opportunities, and give people the flexible infrastructure they need to have successful careers – in whatever form that takes.

Our Workstreams

We are working with association members to operationalize six primary and concurrent work streams.

1. Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Democratizing access to opportunity by

  • Collecting and presenting data about diversity and inclusion in fractional teams
  • Creating adoptable frameworks for DEI in the freelancer space
  • Educating all parties to a more diverse and equitable future of work

2. Sustainability

  • Decoupling benefits (healthcare, pension, etc.) from employers and sparking solutions for independents
  • Establishing trusted supplier partners and best practices

3. Employment Status & Tax

  • Reduce the barrier of entry to be self-employed by clarifying and simplifying the process
  • Reduce friction for companies to hire and onboard independents
  • Enabling governments the ability to properly tax and account for various income streams and types

4. Education

  • A framework of education for workers, hiring companies, and governments to work more effectively together

5. Language and taxonomy

  • A tiered framework of standardized language to promote shared use of language globally

6. Standards & Contracts

  • VA system of templates and best practices that are globally applicable with localized options for legal engagement differences

Who do we solve these problems for?

How do we solve these problems 
for these people?

Why is the AFW the right institution
to achieve these goals?

Chaired by Albert Azis-Clauson, a pioneer in the future of work space, the AFW is engaging with the UK government, enterprises, SMEs, individuals, think tanks, and researchers globally.

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