The Association
for the Future of Work

Building a fairer, more productive, and prosperous future of work.

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What do we do?

The AFW is bringing together leading minds, companies and organisations with an interest in the future of work, in order to drive thinking, produce resources and support, and push for the change needed.

We aim to reduce the barriers to future working, improve support structures, widen opportunities, and give people the flexible infrastructure they need to have successful careers – in whatever form that takes.

What are we doing?

Designing a policy and tax framework

to minimise the administrative burdens for individuals and companies, while maximising the economic opportunities of flexible, blended working systems

Improving education

and removing knowledge based barriers for individuals, SMEs, and enterprise companies in their adoption of new work systems

Bringing together 
the ambitions

of key institutions to discover the most effective way of building the future of work

Who do we solve these problems for?

How do we solve these problems 
for these people?

Why is the AFW the right institution
to achieve these goals?

Chaired by Albert Azis-Clauson, a pioneer in the future of work space, the AFW is engaging with the UK government, enterprises, SMEs, individuals, think tanks, and researchers globally.

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